Awana Mid-Atlantic

Commander College

STEP ONE: Building a Comprehensive Ministry

CC101 helps commanders develop a comprehensive Awana ministry that equips your church, leaders and parents to raise kids that know, love and serve Christ.  It starts with your role as commander.  You will gain a clear understanding of your responsibility as an advocate, shepherd, administrator, communicator and leader for your program.  This is critical as you learn how to integrate Awana into your church’s ministries, manage and motivate your volunteers, avoid common administrative traps, communicate effectively in all kinds of situations and grow a healthy, life-changing program!


· 2 1/2 days of transformational training

· Practical tools, tips and new ideas

· Training to move beyond survival mode to  excellence

· Gain ministry solutions from celebrating and problem-solving with other commanders

· Rediscover Jesus’ passion around children’s ministry

· Clearly understand the requirements of your five roles as a commander

· Learn how to share the gospel clearly and compellingly with children and youth

· Align yourself with your church leadership and learn how to better communicate with your pastoral staff

· Discover how to rally your directors and leaders around a compelling vision of what God longs to do in them and through your ministry

· Free books from Awana

· Commander College Alumni Shirt

· Group Outing and Special Dinner