Awana Mid-Atlantic

PCD Meeting

What happens at P.C.D. Meeting?

  • Get to know your Awana Missionaries.
  • Find out about changes in the Awana Ministry that will affect your club & church this year.
  • Get the latest updates on Awana Program Changes.
  • Fellowship & build valuable relationships with Awana leadership from other clubs/churches.
  • Find out tips from veterans. You are not alone in this ministry!
  • Learn about other training opportunities for your church/club leadership such as:
    • Hitting the Mark:  Hitting the Mark training is a highly interactive time of learning, application and planning that will Create passionate, committed advocates for your Awana ministry. It will help prepare your church representatives to effectively run your club. Hitting the Mark will also equip your church representatives to teach Getting Started to your leaders.
    • Getting Started Training: Getting started is the training available to help churches train their leaders to passionately fulfill their role as an Awana leader.
    • Awana Ministry Conference: Whether you are an Awana leader, Sunday school teacher, pastor, youth worker or parent, the annual Awana Ministry Conference will help you become more effective in the ministry where God has called you!
    • Commander College: Take The Next Step - Commanders, do you feel as if your hard work and efforts are paying little dividends spiritually? If there was a way to make the most of your time, wouldn’t you want to know how? Well, now you can! Commander College was designed just for you.

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