Awana Mid-Atlantic


Feb 24 2018 - 8:30am

Early Registration Ends: 1/26/2018; Registration Ends 2/16/2018

Trek or Journey Bible Quiz:  Team: Early - $35; Regular - $45;

Trek or Journey Games: Team: Early - $55; Regular -  $65;

Individuals Games or Quiz: Early - $10; Regular - $15


Before you go to Summit, Come to the Mount

Come to the Mount is an exciting regional gathering of middle & high school students for competition, celebration and fellowship.

  • Demonstrating their understanding of the Bible in Quizzing
  • Building character and sportsmanship in AwanaGames
  • Developing new friendships
  • Networking with other Christian youth as they serve Christ together.

Students are quick to cite the benefits of attending Come to the Mount including increased unity within their youth group, growth in their relationship with God, the opportunity to meet and compete with students from the Mid Atlantic and the simple pleasure of good, clean, all-out fun.

Come to the Mount features competition with other area youth groups. Students compete in AwanaGames™ and Bible Quizzing.

Encourage your youth in their walk with Christ and bring them to Come to the Mount, a life changing mountain top experience for their teen years.

Enjoy any or all elements of the day as you “Come to the Mount”.