Awana Mid-Atlantic

Chris & Sandy Mikesh


Our Excitement

Serving in our church for over 25 years in Children’s, Adult, and Welcoming Ministries as we raised 4 daughters was great training ground for the calling Jesus placed on our hearts.  Awana has been a huge part of our serving experience as Leaders, Awana Ministry Team, and Directors for T&T.

After Commander College 301, we made a decision to apply for, and were accepted as Awana’s first Church Care Coordinators.  We have worked for about 2 years on the field with many churches, Leaders and Commanders in the Mid-Atlantic Region before the Lord moved us again.  After long prayer and discussion, we applied as bi-vocational Missionaries for the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Now on the field as Missionaries, we expect to be even more active serving the Baltimore area, and the Eastern Shore counties. 

Ministry Partners pray for, support financially, and tell others of our ministry.  We invite you to join our other Ministry Partners as we encourage, train and serve the existing and new Clubs.  Sandy and I will be working with Awana Leaders to strengthen the next generation, and come along side Pastors to help them shore-up and refresh the “foundation” (children from 2-18) of their church through faith in Christ using Awana as a tool of their church.